An Election Message for Christian Voters – “A Vote on Life or Death”

Grace For The Journey


8nov As Americans head to the polls tomorrow in one of the most turbulent and tawdry national elections in the history of our country, many Christians are dismayed not only with their choices of candidates, but with the moral corruption of our institutions of government, and the shameless prostitution of our political process.  None of this should be a shock to our sensibilities, since the profane political discourse and the reckless nature of political conduct is an accurate reflection of the sordid character of our culture itself.

As I preach through the Bible, I have expounded God’s truth about the sanctity of human life, the value of the traditional family, and the importance of religious liberty.

On this day set aside for our national election I believe it is imperative that I share my observations, not to influence you to vote for a candidate but influence you to vote biblical convictions on issues that are of titanic significance in this election, and the lethal consequences for our country if our national leaders continue to pursue an agenda of Godless hedonism.  The United States cannot ask God to bless America if its government and people have disregard and disdain for The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

It is a critical hour in America.  Christians are rightly appalled at the intense division, dissension, and hostility that prevails in our land; animosity filled with hate borders on a continuous rage in the lives of people all across our nation.  We are in a very dangerous moment.  People are moving from disappointment and disgust to a spirit of intense hatred leading to rage.

People are fed up with political correctness, an over-reaching, over-regulating federal government, the $20 trillion debt, urban communities in distress, a disastrous health care system, and self-serving politicians in office and running for office.  American citizens with common sense – whether Christian or not – are totally fed up with the dishonest media polluting the truth and manipulating people with their deception.

All believers must understand that Christ in us is the only hope of His glory manifesting on the earth right now.  The Church must come together and understand that God has given us the opportunity to function as the Church in these trying times, and be a healing, transforming factor through the power of the Gospel delivered in love from people who love God and love one another.”

I believe that a spiritual awakening is essential for the survival of freedom in America. Regardless of who wins the election, the church must be standing together as faithful witnesses and ambassadors for Christ.  If we do not stand together chaos and the destruction of that which is precious will shift into high gear.  We won’t have to wait for the devastation to come from outside our very porous borders.  As Abraham Lincoln said, ‘If destruction be our lot, we ourselves will be its author and its finisher.'”

So whoever wins, the Church must be there to stand against the devaluation of human life, the devaluation of the importance of nature’s God and nature’s law, and the casting aside of the brilliance of the Constitution drafted by diverse individuals who were led by a power beyond themselves which they referenced as “Divine Providence.”  As one person has said, “We must get back in Washington and in every family, city, and community life to the guidance of Divine Providence or you can write ‘Ichabod’ over the United States of America.”

We are voting in this election on more than a personality, or even a person, or a president.   We are voting on life or death and the future of freedom.  If we continue to cast aside God’s truth we will prove ourselves to be fools and suffer the consequences of idolatry.  Everyone who understands freedom has a foundation must vote for the future of freedom.”

Now is the time for the Church to come out from under cover, put the light on a lamp stand, impacting the culture as salt, and refusing to allow the sacred to be trampled under the feet of men.  We must stand boldly together, shoulder to shoulder, with our eyes fixed on Jesus as ambassadors for Christ, becoming a mighty army, declaring and demonstrating the power of transforming truth as a ‘city set on a hill that cannot be hidden.’  Our nation has no hope apart from the witness of the Church and the next Great Awakening.”

We are Kingdom people, we are here on a divine assignment, and we are not here waiting to get out – we’re here waiting to be used of God as channels of blessings through whom can flow the rivers of His love and His transforming truth.  This is the time for the Church to extend the hands of a loving God to a world in darkness that is defeated and desperate.  We must lift our country out of the sinking sand which some have referred to as a ‘swamp’ and get it anchored on a solid Rock, for that is freedom’s foundation.”

As I vote, I also life up this prayer: “Father, please help your children to look like You.  Use our lives and Christ’s Gospel that we share to lead the citizens of this great nation to You.  Please help our nation run to the shelter and shadow of Your amazing presence, protection, and provision.  All of our hope and trust is in You.  In Jesus’ name.”

Pastor Terry


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