Diagnosing Forgetfulness

Grace For The Journey


Woman's head hidden by a soft cloud  Kay, my adorable and able wife, has an unofficial title in our home which greatly benefits Lindsay and me …

Kay is the semi-omnisicent one.

I cannot count the number of time we have desperately approached her and asked, “Have you seen the” … “Do you know where the” … “Mom/Babe, I can’t find the” … “Kay, where are my …”  You get the picture.  For me it is usually a quest for my keys, my phone or my sunglasses.  When our girls were younger they believed that mom was completely omniscient.  They would ask her where everything was all of the time.  Thankfully, our semi-omniscient one remembers and retrieves what we’ve forgotten without wearying of our leaky memories.  If she can’t remember she will help us look for it until it is found.

Ancient Israel needed a double portion of what Kay has.  Listen to what God says to His people in Jeremiah 51:50, “You who have escaped from the sword, get away, do not stand still!  Remember the Lord…”

I was surprised to see the number of times Israel is indicted in the Old Testament for “forgetting God.”  God equates on several different occasions the sinfulness of Israel, their departing from Him, with the act of failing to remember Him.  When we stop and think about that it makes complete sense.

Someone has listed the following traits of ways Christians forget the Lord:

  • We forget God when we are lazy.
  • We forget God when we lie.
  • When we lust, we have completely forgotten the Lord.
  • Gossips aren’t remembering Jesus Christ when they verbally slight their fellow human beings.
  • Those who steal by declining to financially support Kingdom endeavors have spiritual amnesia about God and His faithfulness to provide for them.

On every occasion where my own thoughts, words, or actions have grieved or quenched the Holy Spirit, it was because I had forgotten God in that moment.  Every time we commit an act of deliberate sin we actually force God from our minds in order to do so.  Therefore, I will make a blanket statement that might give us something to chew on today:

Absent-minded pilgrims inevitably become straying pilgrims.

Will you spend some time today remembering your history with the Lord God Almighty?

  • Think about the years of your ignorance when He was working on your behalf while you remained clueless.
  • Some of you might want to ponder why He was so unspeakably gracious to deposit you in a Christian home that preserved you from the poison of sin and self.
  • Others of you were control freaks who resisted immensely the Spirit’s work in bringing you to Christ … but relentlessly bring you He did!
  • All of us need to remember the many times, subsequent to our salvation, God mightily blessed us.
  • We should remember the prayers that He has answered or affirmed.
  • Let us not forget the daily provision which He has granted.
  • We should never forget that He is our constant teacher, revealing His mighty and precious Self tous?
  • It is good to reflect on how He has saved you, comforted you, quieted you, filled you, thrilled you, healed you, and defended you.
  • How often against the bombardment from the enemy has God stepped up and declared, “Enough!” as He brings an end to the barrage?
  • And, God has been faithful to feed you, clothe you, and shelter you for all of these years.

I am too familiar with my own frailty to solve the question of how we forget the Lord; but the Bible clearly teaches this:

We forget Him because we are still tainted with sin and prone to selfishness.

Something in us still has an occasional appeal for the darkness above the light.

The real question is not …

How we can forget God?

but rather …

Why do we do so?

Forgetting Him brings such sadness and trouble.  Remembering God results in nothing but gladness and goodness.

The Bible gives us the solution to this dilemma in Jeremiah 3:21-22, “… They have forgotten the Lord their God.  Return, O faithless sons; I will heal your backslidings.  Indeed, we do come to You, for You are the Lord our God.”

May any and all absent-minded pilgrims today break away from the things occupying their heart-focus and, instead, spend some time … remembering.  We can all do that when we choose to, can’t we?

This is God’s Word For Today … This Is Grace For The Journey

Rest and Rejoice in this eternal truth!

                                                                  Pastor Terry                  

Ephesians 4:7 – “But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it.”

Hebrews 4:16 – “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”


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