Grace For The Journey



Is anything too hard for the Lord?  (Genesis 18:14)

How many loaves of bread and how many fish does it take to feed 5000 men, plus women and children?  How much food did Jesus actually create?

Short answer:  An amazing amount.

But how much?

Let’s do some estimating (and focus only on the bread):

  • 5,000 men + one women and one child per man = 15,000 people.
  • Each person eats about 1/3 of a loaf of bread.
  • 15,000 people X 1/3 loaf per person = 5,000 loaves.

5,000 loaves.  That is a lot.  How much?  Here’s how much – 5000 loaves of bread would fill up about 1.2 semi-truck trailers.


This is amazing:  Jesus makes over a semi-load of bread appear from nowhere!  Truly Jesus is the Son of God!

The biblical answer, based on the Gospel narrative, is five loaves and two fish. How was that possible?

Because our Savior is a supernatural Stretcher

Who is in the business of making much out of a little.

If the truth be known, the answer to the question

Cannot be found in the supply that was on hand

For feeding 5000-plus people;

The answer will always and only be found

In the supernatural power of God!.

And what was true in Jesus’ day is true today – our Savior is in the business of making much out of a little.

However, our problem is the very same problem the disciples faced on that miraculous day.  The Bible says in John 6:8-9, “Simon Peter’s brother Andrew spoke up, ‘Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?’”

You and I are just like Andrew.

We see scarcity and our Savior sees surplus.

We see a meager amount and

Our Savior sees another opportunity for the miraculous.

You see, in God’s economy, one plus one is not always two.

It is whatever God wants it to be

In order for His purposes to be accomplished

And His glory to be manifest.

Remember . . . five loaves and two fish were not needed for the miraculous feeding of the 5,000.  It could have been a smaller amount or even no amount at all.  The Israelites who wandered in the wilderness for forty years had absolutely no food supply in storage.  Their bread came from heaven each day.

So regardless of where this finds you today, I want you to consider today’s verse and be greatly encouraged.  God spoke the beginning words of today’s blog to Abraham regarding the child of promise who would be born to Abraham and Sarah, well beyond the age of being able to conceive a child.  But it applies to all the children of God in all ages.

There really is no easier question to answer in all the world:

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?”


One more thought before I end this blog . . . the most important thing in your life that Jesus is interested in stretching will not be found in your pantry or in your pocketbook.

Jesus is primarily interested in stretching your belief.

We tend to think in the natural realm.  Natural thinking requires no stretching.  Without stretching, we shrink the size of our lives down to the size of our lives.

 Stretching only happens when we begin to think spiritually.

The disciples were thinking naturally when they saw only five loaves of bread and two fish.  But Jesus was thinking spiritually – and supernaturally – and all things are possible to those who believe in Him.  May that be the testimony of our lives!

This is God’s Word For Today … This Is Grace For The Journey

Rest and Rejoice in this eternal truth!

Pastor Terry 

Ephesians 4:7 – “But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it.”

Hebrews 4:16 – “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”


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