Something All Of God’s People Should Desire

Grace For The Journey


I spend some time one day during the week with a young man whose heart is longing for “more of God.”  What I mean by that is that he desires a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Him.  He wants to know His Savior and Lord in a deeper personal and powerful way.  The psalmist equated this inner hunger to a panting, thirsty deer needing to drink from a flowing brook (Psalm 42:1).  That deer feels as if it will die if there is not an immediate and satisfying intake of the water.  That’s a picture of what it means to long for more of God.

If I had time or space, I could easily give multiple examples in the Bible where this “more of God” desire is communicated.  Personally, I arise every morning with this very yearning upon my heart.  Graciously, God has made my relationship with Him more than I could ever hope it to be.  It is not that I simply believe in Him, I experience Him working in and through me.  I love those times when I KNOW He is working in my midst, moving and working in me, around me, through me, and for me.  I cannot think of anything that satisfies me more than this.  Yet, these encounters leave me with the ache for more … for more of God.

The Bible says in Psalm 90:16-17, “Let Your work appear (be shown) to Your servants, and Your glory (glorious personhood and power) to their children.  And let the beauty (favor) of the LORD our God be upon us, Yea, establish the work of our hands.”

Did you get what the psalmist was requesting from God? He asked God to visibly manifest Himself (specifically he wants God to “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom” (Psalm 90:12) . . . He asks the Almighty to reveal His word to him and show how He is working in him and through him.  There was a deep hunger and desire inside of this ancient songwriter that longed to see with His eyes a response from God to what he was learning.  Do not forget that every Psalm you read in the Bible was once a song sung by the collective followers of God in those days.

Can you picture a multitude of voices singing this plea for God to show Himself to them?

Beyond that first request, the second request is stronger and more specific.  He asks

the Lord to undeniably reveal His glorious power, not only to him and his peers, but to his generation’s children.

He is saying, in effect,

“Lord, reveal Yourself to us and work in such a way that

Our children are convinced of your glorious worth!”

Now, that is amazing.  And this kind of passion and desire is needed in our day is on “me” and “what God can do for me.”  The Psalmist was not content to merely experience a personal encounter with God that manifested His presence and power.  No, He was unselfish, and he asked God to amaze and capture the minds of the youth who were alive at that time.

It is essential in our day that older believers become convinced and burdened to prayer that the next generation experience the presence and power of God, and that those young people will begin to long for Him to manifest Himself in their own generation.

The psalmist was convinced that each generation

Needs a personal and powerful relationship with the Almighty God

To whom they have surrendered their souls.

Now that is a passion and desire that will

Pave the way for God to work and

Be glorified in any circumstance or situation!

Verse seventeen is even more interesting because the inspired songwriter asks God to powerfully bless the work he desires to do for God.  He asks for “favor” from the Lord. When he makes this request of God, he is asking God to be gracious, kind, and show His mercy and pleasure to His people.  We might phrase it as “Lord, let it be pleasing and honoring to You to accomplish what I am about to ask.”

So, then, what is he going to specifically ask for?

He wants God to give life and longevity to all

That they seek to accomplish for Him.

He asks for this twice.

Speaking on behalf of Israel,

The psalmist says that their hands are ready to work,

And they need Yahweh to ensure that the work

Is prospered in the present


Protected for the future.

The psalmist knows that all of Israel’s endeavors will be in vain

If the Lord doesn’t put a favorable touch on it.

He invites his God in as the sovereign superintendent of all that he aims to do.

How this ought to motivate us as we read about the psalmist’s deep longing for God to approve and affirm all that is done for His glory!  When our lives are set for the glory of Jesus, we will learn to pray the same way: precisely, boldly, expectantly, and hungrily.

So, when my friend and others like him declare that they want more of God, I rejoice because they are on holy ground.   Actually, every born-again, blood bought child of God ought to want more of God.

The Apostle Paul commands us to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18).  If we have all that we will ever have of God, why then are we commanded to be filled on an ongoing basis?  You see, Paul understood the reality that there is an ebb and flow attached to the Christian life.  A thing can only be filled and refilled if there is a certain amount of unused, empty capacity.  All of us can experience more of God.  It is a relationship we are talking about here, not some theological formula.  I legally have all of Kay Davis as my wife, and have had her since 1973.  She has had all of me for that same time period.  Yet, if you ask me, and her, we will both tell you that we have more of each other now in experience than we did on the day we were legally married to one another.  We are more intertwined.  We live in more of a oneness.  We intimately know one another in every aspect of relationship.  This is what happens when we cry out to God for more of Him.  Intimacy grows.  Love deepens.  Trust is built.  Power is imparted.  Awe abides.  Expectation of more surges.

This is what you and I truly need.  It cannot be satisfied intellectually.  It is the cry of our captivated hearts to the One who has become everything to us.

So, join me in praying to our Sovereign, sufficient God, “I want more of You, Father!  More of You Jesus!  More of You, Holy Spirit!”

He will not leave that prayer unanswered.

He wants more of you too.

This is God Word … This is Grace for your Journey

… Rest And Rejoice In The Wonderful Truth!

Pastor Terry

Ephesians 4:7 – “But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it.”

Hebrews 4:16 – “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”



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